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Diplomacy, like many fields has its own language. Knowing the language of diplomacy is the first step to take in learning the Diplomatic Dance.

Attache - Embassy staff member assigned to a specific duty (Ex: press attache or defense attache).

Casual Dress - Only means not Black Tie. However, never take it for granted that you can wear such casual clothes as blue jeans or golf shirts either. Coat and tie for men, cocktail dress or business suit for women is appropriate.

Counselor - High-ranking diplomat, not a therapist.

DCM - Deputy Chief of Mission: the person who assumes control when the ambassador is unavailable.

Diplomacy - The art and practice of international negotiations.

Envoy - Emissary sent abroad in order to negotiate, Arbitrate or represent the views of a Country's leader (Ex: Jimmy Carter, Bob Dole).

Secretary - A high-ranking embassy staff member; not to be Confused with an office assistant who types or answers the phone. May be the equivalent. (First Secretary would be higher rank than Second.)

Sauna Diplomacy - Diplomatic meetings held in a sauna. Helps speed up negotiations; especially used by the Finns, the only ones to have a major sauna in their chancery designed just for this.




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