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Diplomatic Dance: The New Embassy Life in America

By Gail Scott
Fulcrum Publishing, 1999, $27.95, hardcover, 272 pages
ISBN 1-55591-345-8

Journalist Gail Scott waltzes you past embassy gates for a peek into the public and private lives of today's top foreign diplomats. Through Ms. Scott's candid conversations with the ambassadors themselves, their families and their staffs, discover why Washington is the most important diplomatic post in our fast-paced and ever-changing world of instant communication. Washington's position as the capital of the world's most successful democracy sets the stage for the "dances" between countries as their ambassadors are involved in around-the-clock negotiations. A helpful glossary and comprehensive embassy directory, with addresses and detailed statistics on more than 170 countries, give specific help to anyone who wants to join the "Diplomatic Dance" for fun, school or business.

Signed copies of Diplomatic Dance: The New Embassy Life in America, are available at the Four Seasons Hotel lobby gift shop in Washington, D.C. Multiple copies are available from Fulcrum Publishing, ( Fulcrum Publishing offers a special discount for non-profit organizations.

Read Chapter 1: The Brits: Still the Standard
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Diplomatic Correspondent

Ms. Scott is the Diplomatic Correspondent for The Georgetowner, an extremely influential newspaper in Washington's oldest and most posh neighborhood, and its sister paper, The Downtowner. Her full-page column, "Diplomatic Dance," is published bi-monthly and can be seen online at

To subscribe to The Georgetowner or The Downtowner call (202) 338-4833. They are also available on the Internet at or

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Via C-Span--Go to An Embassy Event with Gail Scott!
Join Author Gail Scott and her diplomatic friends at the Embassy of Croatia for "Diplomatic Dance Night" at the Croatian Embassy.

Current Projects

Ms. Scott is currently researching and writing two new books on diplomacy and Embassy Row in addition to drafting her first screen play which has been suggested by two Hollywood producers.

Along with writing her regular diplomatic column, Ms. Scott has regularly contributed to The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The International Diplomat and many other important American dailies and magazines. (View Ms. Scott's Biography)


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