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On Commercial Diplomacy

"This is a business post more than anything else."

Raymond Chretien
Canada's Ambassador to the United States
Jan. 1994-Sept. 2000

"In Washington, you're not so much a diplomat, you're a lobbyist."

Sir Christopher Meyer
British Ambassador to the United States
Oct. 1997- Feb. 2003

The soon-to-be passed United States - Singapore
Free Trade Agreement will be the largest free trade agreement between the U.S. and any foreign countries since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between Canada, Mexico and the United States. The Singapore Ambassador is extremely pleased.

"Our new free trade agreement will be completed on my beat," she says proudly, "This is a big deal."

Chan Heng Chee
Singapore's Ambassador to the United States

"Fifty years ago, as ambassador, I wouldn't be involved in business issues at all. But now they are absolutely high on
my list...my main job is on The Hill."

Sir John Kerr
British Ambassador to the United States
Sept. 1995-Sept. 1997

"My job is to make Americans understand Japan better…
particularly the Japanese market."

"Our market is not closed to foreign products. That is
an old notion. But it is not easy to penetrate unless
you understand."

Kunihiko Saito
Japanese Ambassador to the United States
Dec. 1995-Oct. 1999




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