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Here on the Diplomatic Dance website, we welcome you from all over the globe and around the corner in Washington, D.C.

I have been fascinated with diplomacy ever since my mother first introduced me to Embassy Row as a young girl. I've always wanted to know what's happening behind those imposing embassy gates. As a broadcaster and a writer, I've been welcomed into the sitting rooms and private offices of some of the most important and interesting foreign diplomats in the world.

Today, the world is one place and on one time and we are all in this together more than ever before. News travels instantly, our stock markets are intertwined, more corporations are global, more marriages cross national borders, more children have dual heritages and today's students and young professionals move around the world as if it were their own backyard.

Foreign ambassadors posted here in Washington--still the #1 diplomatic post in the world--work night and day and often around the clock, depending on how far away they are from their home country and how big the crisis.

Top ambassadors are as efficient and visionary as our top CEO's. They and their spouses keep family together and friends in touch with open e-mail, powerful cell phones and clever shopping habits. They know how to entertain elegantly on a moment's notice and on a limited budget. They are on the cutting edge of global living.

I love to share my professional and personal experiences on Embassy Row with others, both as a speaker and as a journalist, and it was because of this love that I was asked to write my book, Diplomatic Dance: The New Embassy Life in America. I am delighted to now be able to share these experiences with an even larger audience through this website. I invite you to explore my website, and to enjoy my book, Diplomatic Dance: The New Embassy Life in America.

I continue to write and speak on diplomacy and Embassy Row. Stories and books I am currently researching are listed above under "Publications and Projects." If you are looking for an event or conference speaker please refer to my "Speaker" page and my GAIL SCOTT & CO. website. If you are a reporter or a student interested in this field, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for visiting my website, and again,

Welcome to the "Diplomatic Dance,"

--Gail Scott


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